Jazz incorporates a variety of elements that empower one to overcome gravity and break loose – it is emotional, lively, earthbound and funky. Jazz is characterized by the use of improvisation, individuality and is influenced by rhythms and various dance techniques. It is a constantly evolving form of popular and artistic dance movement danced to up-tempo music.

Students will learn techniques of improvisation and rhythm. Classes are designed to provide a solid foundation in the styles of dance used in theatre, musical theatre, Broadway, entertainment and as a basis for more complex styles such as lyrical and contemporary.

Senior dancers regularly take part in international conventions and other opportunities to expose them to artists from across the globe. Guest artists work with Academy students from around North America bringing with them their expertise in Broadway, film and television. Academy jazz dancers also have the opportunity to take part in local performances, competitions and events.

Graduates have gone on to perform with Cirque du Soleil, Bad Boys of Dance, various cruise lines, Broadway, music videos and entertainment companies.

Class Objectives:

  • incorporate emotion and artistry into their movement
  • be able to perform solo and group choreography
  • have expanded their vocabulary in various jazz techniques
  • harness strength and flexibility in their movement and expression

Classes offered to: students ages 6-18

Taught by: Penelope Boyse, Danielle Gardner, Heather Joosten-Fair, Laura Ross & Jacq Smith

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Jazz - Richmond Academy of Dance
Jazz - Richmond Academy of Dance
Jazz - Richmond Academy of Dance