The Academy offers comprehensive acting training for the aspiring thespian. Weekly group acting classes are offered at junior, intermediate and senior levels focusing on integrating all aspects of an actor’s skill-set for a dynamic and effective performance.

Beyond physical and vocal warm-ups, Acting students study physical and vocal characterization, improvisation, ensemble work and story creation. For younger students, classes focus on identifying emotions and impulses, vocal communication, breath work, confidence-building techniques, concentration and exercises to embrace their vivid imaginations.

In addition to these concepts, older students explore scene work, play-writing and developing emotional honesty on stage. Other units that may be touched upon include acting for film, mime, stage-fighting, commercial improvisation skills, soundscapes or production design.

Private coaching is available for film, television, theatre and voice-over coaching, as well as monologue preparation for theatre school auditions and song interpretation for musical theatre performances.

Class objectives: 

  • perform learned speeches and monologues
  • portray expression and emotion during performances
  • demonstrate a strong grasp of the portrayal of a character
  • be prepared for auditions for entertainment and theatre

Classes offered to: students in the Musical Theatre Division

Taught by: Laura Ross

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Acting - Richmond Academy of Dance