Tetyana Savchyshyn: Accompanist

Tetyana Savchyshyn
Tetyana is a pianist and piano teacher who has studied at the University of Arts and Culture in Russia, and both the Pedagogical State University and Musical High School in the Ukraine. She has obtained her MA in Organization of Art Performance.
Tetyana has performed alone and accompany during concerts and performances various places around the world including;
  • Giving Performance for Ukrainian Chorus twice a year since 2005
  • Gave performance for Ukrainian Cultural festival "Monster Concert" in 2008 which has been shown on TV (CNC News)
  • Gave performance for Ukrainian Cultural festival "Across the Sea" in 2007
  • May 2008 have accompanied for Gala Concert at Jewish Center
  • Accompanied and performed with professor of Rostov Don Conservatory Elvira Voskayan at Armenian Hall


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