Kamilah Wilson: Body Conditioning Instructor

Kamilah Sturton

Kamilah is a graduate of the Richmond Academy of Dance where she trained for fifteen years in multiple dance genres, acting and voice. Along with prestigious awards, scholarships and a Senior Ballet Provincial title, Kamilah trained at Le Jeune Ballet du Quebec, L’École Superieure, Alberta Ballet School and Okanagan Summer Dance Intensive.

As a professional, she toured with Ballet Kelowna, White Birch Ballet and throughout Thailand with MOVE: The Company. Kamilah has worked commercially on the sets of Nike, Arrow, Secret Circle, Bates Motel, Supernatural and with Michael Bublé. Kamilah has taught throughout British Columbia and judged and choreographed in Brazil alongside Vladimir Klos of Stuttgart Ballet, Gisele Santoro of Brazil and Karah Abiog of Alonzo King Lines Ballet.

She has performed both traditional ballets and new works under renowned mentors such as Josh Beamish, Simone Orlando, Gioconda Barbuto, Karin Averty, Veronica Tennant, Brian MacDonald, David LaHay, Ana-Maria Campos, Susan Toumine, Mercedes Bernardez, Diane Van Schoor, Edmund Stripe, Anna Marie Holmes, Erik Campos, Edgar Zendejas, Samuel Abramian, Anne Dryburgh and Christophe Maraval, to name a few.

Throughout the years, she has pursued avenues beyond dance with Ivivva Athletica, Richmond Olympic Oval, Connaught Figure Skating Club and placed in the Top Ten in Miss Universe Canada. Kamilah believes dancing goes far beyond simply technique, thus challenging both artists and athletes to train their body and mind, with a fresh and healthy approach.

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