Connie Lin: Accompanist

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Connie has shown keen interest in piano since she was 6. She studied Music with Piano major and earned her Bachelor of Arts in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Later, she pursued a more research focus on music analysis, where she obtained her Master of Arts in Music Theory at University of British Columbia. She also received her ATCL Diploma in Piano at Trinity College London and Grade 8 Singing with Distinction at ABRSM. Back to Hong Kong, Connie worked in fields of art administration, education and community outreach and teaching at Hong Kong Ballet and Hong Kong Treble Choir.

In recent years, Connie devotes herself as a freelance musician and teacher: working as a choir conductor at elementary and secondary schools and non-profit organizations; teaching piano, voice and theory both in private and music centres; working as a ballet accompanist and a wedding pianist. Having taught music for 8 years, her goal is to share her passion and knowledge in music to more people, and encourage for a more well-rounded music education with instrumental skills, theory, history and musicianship. Connie also enjoys playing piano solo as well as collaboration with other musicians and art forms.