The Richmond Academy of Dance - Celebrating 32 Years of Excellence

A photo from the Richmond Academy of Dance's Lyrical Jazz program.

Lyrical Jazz

Jazz incorporates a variety of elements that empower one to overcome gravity and break loose – it is emotional, lively, earthbound and funky. Jazz is characterized by the use of improvisation, individuality and is influenced by rhythms and various dance techniques. It is a constantly evolving form of popular and artistic dance movement danced to up-tempo music.

The Academy offers classes in jazz for dancers aged seven and up. Senior dancers regularly take part in US conventions and other opportunities to expose them to artists from across the globe. Guest artists work with Academy students from around North America bringing with them their expertise in Broadway, film and television. Academy jazz dancers also have the opportunity to take part in local performances, competitions and events.

Lyrical is a continuous, gentle and flowing dance form that blends technical movements smoothly from one step to the next. Working with slower-paced music, lyrical dance expresses deep emotions, helping us to connect and ground ourselves through movement. Gesture, improvisation and other acting elements are layered on the movement to enhance the interpretation of the dance. The Academy offers classes for ages twelve and up, with a pre-requisite of Jazz dance, taught by our talented faculty.