The Richmond Academy of Dance - Celebrating 31 Years of Excellence

A photo from the Richmond Academy of Dance's Hip-Hop program.


Hip hop styles primarily danced to hip hop music or that have evolved as part of hip hop culture. Hip hop dance borrows moves from older popular dance styles, comic pantomime, and martial arts--including the Brazilian art of dance-fighting known as capoeira--but the style evolved on its own, locally and organically. Hip hop matured as a dance movement almost simultaneously on the streets of New York City and in California during the 1970's. Moves were originally shared and developed on the streets, and only later did hip hop make it into clubs and finally into dance studios.

Learn all the hottest moves--popping and locking, tutting, crumping, breakin' and street styles that will blow your mind. Be the best that you can be and also be a part of hip hop culture with our own amazing faculty. The Academy offers classes for 6 to 18-year olds in beginner to advanced levels. Past Graduates are performing with : SickStylz Symphony, Victoria Duffield, CityTv, YTV, The O.G.’s, TwoFourSeven, Royal Flush to name a few.